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We have become a part of The Aging American Project™ which is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to service. Those who serve their country and those who serve their community at home.  We're advocates, educators, warriors and visionaries. We're helpers, builders, soldiers and healers. We're your neighbors and friends reaching out, sharing our knowledge and our resources with our community.  We are the people who work with, live with, care for, protect and love our aging Americans.

Because one of our team member is a Veteran we have joined Team Red, White & Blue because they help Veterans when the isolation and health challenges they face. We insist that all veterans have the opportunity to reclaim what was most precious about their military service: an unwavering sense of belonging born of challenges that show us what each of us is capable of. Together, we strive to make tomorrow better. Together, we will increase mental and physical health. Together, we will find strength and success.

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Waves of Valor is an event where different organizations come together to provide Disabled Veterans with support and camaraderie 

NAMI provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.

Founded in 1898, the National Community Pharmacists Association is the voice for independent pharmacy, representing 21,000 pharmacies and employing more than 250,000 individuals nationwide. Independent pharmacy is an $76 billion marketplace. Community pharmacists are local health care problem-solvers who can customize solutions to local health challenges for groups and employers.

NCPA is the advocate for community pharmacists on the public policy issues that impact their patients and pharmacies. Whether it's at Capitol Hill, state legislatures, regulatory agencies, or the courts, NCPA advocates on issues ranging from PBM abuses to pharmacists’ ability to practice to the full extent of their training.

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